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Sales Intellect Company has Greenland Sales Intelligence™ company reports that comprises of all the companies in Greenland. The Greenland Sales Intelligence™ ranking is done based on the individual company's Revenue, Profit, Assets and Market Value/Capitalization from each of the Industries like Aerospace and Defense, Agriculture, Automotive and Transportation, Banking Financial Services Insurance, Business Services, Chemicals, Computer Software and Services, Construction and Real Estate, Consumer Services, Electronics, Energy and Environmental Services, Food and Beverages, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Manufacturing, Leisure, Media, Metals and Mining, Retail, Security Products and Services and Telecommunications.


KNI A/S (Greenland)

Revenue: USD 250.00 millions


Pisiffik A/S (Greenland)

Revenue: USD 165.75 millions


Air Greenland A/S (Greenland)

Revenue: USD 75.00 millions


Royal Arctic Line A/S (Greenland)

Revenue: USD 75.00 millions


Tele Greenland A/S (Greenland)

Revenue: USD 75.00 millions


MT Højggard Grønland Aps (Greenland)

Revenue: USD 52.47 millions

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