Solution Sales

Sales Intellect 'Solution Sales' provides customer's pains and addresses the issues with a company's product and services. We will give you a definite answer to your problem and customer's problem, with an acknowledgement from the buyer and the seller. Our 'Solution Sales' will be a mutually agreed-upon answer to a customer's recognized problem and provides a measurable improvement, which the customer can visualize, understand and demand.

Sales Intellect is able to define and identify customer problems and create visions biased to their company's unique offerings and capabilities. We commit to solving problems and stay engaged until your customers realize measurable and positive change.

Sales Intellect 'Solution Sales' process consists of the following:

  • Sales Methodology
  • Sales Management System
  • Sales Map
  • Sales Architecture
  • Sales Philosophy

Sales Methodology

Sales Intellect 'Solution Sales' is a system of methods that includes Producers, Tools and Techniques, that help sales professionals to navigate the selling steps that will close more sales faster and results in increased sales productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Sales Management System

Sales Intellect 'Solution Sales' provides executive management and sales team with a process to analyze sales-pipelines, qualify opportunities, and train skills, hence increasing productivity and sales predictability, which is resulting in a high performance sales culture.

Sales Map

Sales Intellect 'Solution Sales' explains a roadmap of sales path from current level to final sales target, by providing an end-to-end series of steps to follow. Sales map are pre-call planning, interest creation, problem identification, vision processing, controlling sale, closing, and sale tracking. We will serve you in preparing the Sales map that includes the ability to identify, analyze report, manage, and train individual opportunities using our sales process methodology and also provides predictive analysis on sales performance.

Sales Architecture

Sales Intellect 'Solution Sales' provides a complete Sales Architecture and Framework, helping companies to interface better with their customers and executives of a company. Sales Architecture is designed for change and adaptability, as it's scalable, modular and flexible. You can change a particular module or add a new capability, without discard your original investments in other sales methodologies.

Sales Philosophy

For Sales Intellect, customer is the focal point in solving their business problems and achieves positive, measurable results are the basis of all actions. Our steps in 'Solution Sales' process methodology is aligned with how buyers buy from their target seller.

About 'Solution Sales'

'Solution Sales' is a sales process methodology with a mutually shared answer to a recognized problem, and our answer provides measurable improvement.