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Sales Intelligence™ Report is a Company report that contains Sales Intelligence and Information Technology Intelligence. Sales Intelligence™ Report is the only data source in the world to produce powerful Sales Intelligence and Information Technology Intelligence.

Summary of Sales Intelligence™ Report
Company Profile

Company Profile has a detailed information of a company, corporate information and business description as first level information. Information about subsidiaries, acquisitions, key competitors and similar companies helps us to research your target company for business profit.

  • About Company
  • Business Description
  • Corporate Information
  • Subsidiaries
  • Acquisitions
  • Key Competitors
  • Similar Companies
Business Roadmap

Business Roadmap information explains the business growth path throughout the past, explaining how a company has grown, invested, acquired, diversified, ROI (Return On Investment), new Business Initiatives and forecasting possible business developments.

  • Business initiatives
  • ROI (Return On Investment)
Business Model

Business Model information describes core functions and operations of a business, explaining a complete picture of a company, as part of its business strategy to get profitability in ROI (Return On Investment). Business model is based on the recent business strategy and planning.

  • Present Business Model of the Company
  • Positioning the Strength of your company
  • Business Strategy to get profitability in ROI (Return on Investment)
Business Architecture

Business Architecture describes the architectural structure of business that bridges the Business model and Business Strategy, along with the business functionality. Functional structure and integrated view is articulated in Business Architecture for best return from Business Operation.

  • Present Business Architecture & Business Model
  • Business Roadmap
Business Strategy and Planning

Business Strategy & Planning describes information about companies recent business strategy proposed for immediate action, business initiatives, priorities, transformation process and business approach to achieve growth and development by utilizing business environment and its advantages.

  • Business Strategy of the Company
  • Strategic inputs and Challenges during Business Planning
  • Key Business Advantages
  • Key Business Developments
  • Business Transformation Process
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Environment and Business Approach
  • Sustainable Business Priorities
  • Legal Business Challenges in progress - Law Suit
Business Initiatives and Opportunity Evaluation

Business Initiatives explains the actions taken by the Business Decision makers based on the proposed business strategy and planning. Opportunity Evaluations are recommendations about business opportunities existing in a company based in their recent initiatives.

  • Business Initiatives of the Company
  • Business Opportunities and Initiatives
  • Business Growth and Profitability
Technology Intelligence

Technology Intelligence identifies the technological opportunities that enhance the future growth and sustenance of their business. Technology Intelligence influences the technological exploitation as its essential for technological threats and creates opportunities by filling the gaps between the business and technology.

  • Technology Information
  • Technologies used throughout the Company
  • Technology Operations
  • Technology - Research and Development Intelligence
Project Management Intelligence

Project Management Intelligence consists of details of Projects served by a company to their customers, while solving their Business and Technology challenges. Project Information like Service providers, project description, name, project duration, deal size, challenges, solutions, benefits, functionalities, technology stack and competitive advantages.

  • Project Management of the Company - Business and Technology
  • Partners / Vendors of the Company and Location Name (Onsite, Near shore and Offshore Location name)
  • Service Providers Name & Location in Onsite and Offshore location /Global Services
  • Project Name
  • Project Duration (Start and End)
  • Status of the Project Management
  • Project Cost / Deal size
  • Project Description and Project functionalities
  • Technologies used in the Project Management / Technology Stack
  • Competitive advantages of the Project Management
  • Solutions Delivery Architecture
  • Identification of the target Customer for specific Service/Solution offerings
  • Identification of the Business opportunities for Service Lines - Service offerings / Solution Offerings
Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence consists of information about a product like product design, development, manufacturing, product development lifecycle, process and analysis. It compares the product functionalities and features to improve the product innovation and iteration, thus enabling to produce competitive product.

  • Product Development Lifecycle
  • Product Development Process
  • Product Analysis
  • Product functionalities and Product features
  • Product Features Comparison
Global Services Projects

Global Services Intelligence consists of global business information about projects outsourced to other regions are available to you. Information like names and description about the global delivery projects, technology stack, technologies used, opportunities existing in outsourcing and operational framework followed by each vendors while delivering the outsourced projects to their clients in onsite.

  • Global Delivery of Services
  • Outsourcing Vendors and Partners List
  • Migration Methodology and Planning
  • Opportunity Evaluation in Global Services
  • Operational Framework of the Partners / Vendors
Information Technology Intelligence

IT Project description and Information Technologies used by a company in all business segments/projects are available, helping you to align Business and IT. IT Stack identifies and evaluates IT gap analysis in best practice

  • Information Technology Landscape of the Company
    • Business and IT Alignment
  • Information Technology Architecture
    • Enterprise Architecture and Strategy
  • Information Technology Gap Analysis
  • Information Technology Stack
    • SOA and Middleware
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Cloud Computing / SaaS
    • Infrastructure Management
    • Infrastructure Productivity
    • Programming Languages for Infrastructure Management
    • Hardware Infrastructure Utilization
    • Enterprise Application Integration
    • Enterprise Collaboration
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Enterprise Analytics
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Change Management
    • Application Platform
    • Application Framework
    • Application Integration
    • Application Component Imaging
    • Model Driven Architecture
    • Programming Language
    • Operating System
    • RDBMS
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data warehousing
    • Master Data Management
    • Backup & Recovery solution
    • ETL tool
    • Client-Server Collaborative application
    • Identity Management
    • Risk Management Program
    • Automated Test Tools
    • Application Server
    • Server Consolidation
    • Server Virtualization
    • Network Management
    • Security management
    • Business Continuity Management
    • LAN protocol
    • Firewalls
    • VPN
    • Network Protection
    • Object-relational Mapping Solution
    • Version Control Technology
    • Object Modelling and Specification Language
    • Business Process Management
    • Integrated Platform
    • Virtualization
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Workload Management
    • Web Automation
    • Communication System Framework
    • Green IT - Information Technology
Information Technology Roadmap

Information Technology Roadmap explains the historic and present Information Technologies used by a company in all projects while solving its business challenges. IT Roadmap predicts possible technologies to be used in all projects by identifying its patterns.

  • Information Technology Roadmap of the Company
  • Identify patterns in Information Technology Roadmap
Information Technology Strategy and Initiatives

Recent Information Technology decisions made in creating business value from technology investments, objective and principles. Information Technology SWOT analysis, benefits, objectives, scope, approach, methodologies, capabilities, milestones and governance relating to the information technologies used by a company.

  • SWOT Analysis - Information Technology
  • Information Technology Transformation
HR Intelligence

HR Intelligence provides information about Key Decision Makers and leadership team details like name, designation, E-mail ID, contact information, employment history, current location, biography, corporate responsibilities, likes and interests of executives. HR Intelligence explains Organizational structure based on Business Model & Operational Model; key executive responsible for business opportunity; HR recruitment and staffing information; target resources based on the business functions and projects.

  • Key Decision Makers Name, Designation and Professional History
  • Contact Information
  • Organizational Structure
Market Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence is information of a company's markets, which we prepared for decision-making in determining the business opportunities, competitive intelligence - business contracts & deals, pricing, typical deal structures, competitor's future plans, acquisition opportunities, identifying potential channel partners, market penetration strategy. Here you find analysis on cross-sale and up-sale opportunities, identification of profitable customers; identify purchasing patterns and customer knowledge management. We explain market potential, customer pricing, indications of new developments, and go-to-go market condition, cross-company comparison, market development metrics, measuring market share, setting growth targets and discovering opportunities through innovative differentiation.

  • Supports the Marketing Strategy of the Company
  • Provides relevant insight to all four P's (Price, Product, Place, and Promotion) in the marketing mix as part of deciding on an overall Marketing Strategy
  • Understand the Internal Corporate activities for Strategic growth
  • To make sure that all senior executives are up-to-date on the Competitors' and Customers latest strategic moves and communicated plans
  • Business or Financial Intelligence such as where the competitors invest and what the competitors' margins are addressed by Market Intelligence
  • Strategy games and Scenario Analyses are meaningful tools to build new Corporate strategies
  • Provide tactical Market Intelligence on how to outperform key competitors sales based on the Business Model
  • Support the Company's sales force with Sale Intelligence will improve the win rate significantly
  • Market Intelligence is useful in bidding teams to influence the bidding strategy and make sure that the final proposal to Enterprise customers will position their company's solutions favourably
  • Improves the understanding of which tactics would win their firm the best strategic position without suffering competitive attacks
Financial Analysis

Financial analysis assesses a company's Profitability, Liquidity, Solvency, and Stability of a company & projects, from the reports prepared using information referred from financial statements, income statement, and balance sheet, that specifies the financial state of a business. Financial analysis explains ROI, ROIT (Return On IT Investment), Return on Assets (ROA), Return On Net Assets (RONA), Return On Capital (ROC), Return On Invested Capital (ROIC), Business and Technology spending, IT spending for Services & Solutions, Integrated Business Planning, Business valuation, Financial planning, financial modeling, financial forecasting, balance sheet analysis and capital budgeting are available as a value adds in the Financial Analysis.

  • Return on Information Technology Investment (Profitability / Year / Company)
  • Return on Business Investment (Profitability / Year / Company)
  • Business and Information Technology Spending (Profitability / Year / Company)
  • IT Spending for Services and Solutions (Profitability / Year / Company)
  • Key Financial Information of the Company