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About Sales Intellect Company 

Sales Intellect Company is a Sales Intelligence and Business Research Intelligence Company. Sales Intellect prepares CHURCHILL company reports across all the industry verticals and industry domains and throughout all geographical regions. CHURCHILL report is the only data source in the world to produce powerful Sales Intelligence, Business Research and Technology Intelligence. 

Sales Intellect Company has US$ 8 Billion worth of CHURCHILL reports. Sales Intellect is proving to be among world''s fast growing companies with its Intellectual Property asset. Sales Intellect Company is being marketed to Key Decision Makers across the globe.

Uniqueness of CHURCHILL report 

  • Understand the Technology Landscape / Technology Roadmap / Project Management of any Company 
  • Understand the Business Model/Business Architecture/Business Roadmap of any Company 
  • Identify Business and Technology Opportunities  
  • Perform benchmark on Company''s Technology operation against industry peers and hundreds of similar engagements from around the world
  • Maximizing the value of Technology
  • Maximize the value of Information Technology assets and better align Business and Information Technology initiatives 
  • Map Technologies to key business drivers 
  • Mapping Business goals to the Business Capabilities required 
  • Achieve understanding of the Business Value and Risk of new Technology initiatives 
  • Understand the role Technology plays in the present and in future 
  • Understanding of Competitive Landscape and future of Technology 
  • Assess Risk and Business Impact 
  • Extract more value from your Budget 

Benefits of CHURCHILL report 

  • Improve Sales Team Performance
  • Position new Products 
  • Understand competitor pricing models 
  • Gather and analyze internal Employee Market Intelligence 
  • Differentiating Value Propositions 
  • Maximize Sales Productivity
  • Identify Competitor threats in Key Product/Service Lines 
  • Define purchasing triggers 
  • Accelerate Sales Cycles and close more deals 
  • Prospect Profiling 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Win/Loss Analysis 
  • Value Proposition Alignment 
  • Drive and measure sales performance 

Target Users of CHURCHILL report

Sales Intellect''s CHURCHILL report is prepared to help Business Decision Makers and Technical Decision Makers like CXO''s, VP''s, Directors and Managers to eliminate expensive research time, explore Business opportunities, increase the ROI and drive new sales revenues faster. Top-performing organizations are using CHURCHILL reports to identify and monitor customers and competitors. 

The companies have been able to achieve through deployment of groundbreaking Sales Intelligence from Sales Intellect Company, delivering highly relevant Sales Intelligence at decisive times in the Business Decision Making, which include:

  • 12% average annual improvement (in Revenue)
  • 8% average annual improvement in (reduction of) the sales cycle

Sales Intellect''s CHURCHILL reports makes Professionals successful by giving them access to information about customer buying patterns and account status, and helping them sell more effectively.  

Research Methodology - Sales Intellect Company: 

We have Research experts specialized in each of the Industry segments who work on Primary Research and Secondary Research, analyze publically available information, and translate the findings into standard and customized CHURCHILL company report that satisfies the customer''s global business requirements. 

Sales Intellect Company also works on qualitative and quantitative research that increases the scope and resulting in comprehensive research program.

About the Term - Sales Intelligence 

Sales Intelligence refers to the various source of information a company can collect and use to improve the performance of the Company and enrich the Lead in the Pipeline that includes Industry trends, consumer generated content, analyst report, prospect lists and general company information. 

Sales Intelligence depends on how well an organization can aggregate relevant information and deliver it to a Professional.  

Sales Intelligence also refers to technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of Sales information. 

Sales Intelligence solutions and services are data-driven.

Sales Intelligence is similar to Business Intelligence (BI) but it is specifically designed for the use of increasing Sales and Revenue.  

Sales Intelligence pro-actively identifies and delivers up-sell, cross-sell and switch-sell opportunities. Unlike customer relationship management (CRM) and traditional Business Intelligence (BI) applications, Sales Intelligence analyses your existing sales data to pro-actively deliver actionable and relevant information.

', 'Sales Intellect Company was founded on 12th April 2010, with its registered trademark - CHURCHILL. Sales Intellect Company has its offices in Chennai, Hyderabad (India) and Virginia (USA).\r\n

Classification of CHURCHILL reports are 

  4. UK CHURCHILL 1000